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Music has always been a huge part of Stephanie Karten's (Deja's) life. Growing up her house was filled with the sounds of various genres; with her mom being a former industry executive and her dad an avid vinyl collector, she listened to and absorbed everything from Pop, Rock, Dance, and R&B, to Disco and Hip-Hop.  As a result, her musical knowledge became all encompassing, and it helped her to build a unique understanding of sounds and styles that would aid in the launch of her career in future years.


As she got older and NYC club culture became a more prominent part of her life, dance music (and more specifically house music) became a favorite, and when she was 17 she decided to take up DJ-ing  (long before the big DJ boom that came later). And with that, she got to work and embarked on a creative journey that started out as a hobby but ended up becoming much more.

During college she honed her skills playing at many of the popular local club venues, as well as raves, and lent her talents to the local radio station by producing and acting as on-air talent for the only dance music radio show [in the area] at the time on WICB FM.  

She returned home after graduation and soon got a job with Robbins Entertainment as an A&R rep, and the rest is history.  Since then, she's worked with top artists such as September, Afrojack, Cascada, Darude, and Glenn Morrison, and has produced and mixed a handful of compilations and albums.

Stephanie continues to passionately DJ, from venues and podcasts, to online mixes. She always enjoys throwing exclusive tunes into the mix and prides herself on finding new gems.  Her philosophy is: "If I get to educate at least one person on something new, my mission has been accomplished."


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